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  1. Being an Immigrant in Trump’s America

    25 Jun 2017

    Being an immigrant in the United States has never been easy. Since Trump’s election, however, there has been a spike in paranoia amongst immigrants, and violence against them. “You are on survival mode a lot of the time,” said Laura Mendez, a Colombian immigrant and DACA recipient who attends the…

  2. Veganism: Saving the World

    02 Feb 2017

    If I told you could save 1,300 gallons of water by either not flushing your toilet for six months, not taking a shower for three months, or simply not eating one burger today, which would you choose? And what if I told you that in a day, you could save…

  3. The New American Dream–How to Make it a Reality

    02 Feb 2017

    For many millennials, the American Dream is not a white picket fence home with a spouse and two children, but a lifestyle of minimalism and adventure: living on the road Living on the road is exactly what it sounds like, a lifestyle of frugality and never-ending experiences. Your home is…

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